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The consultation process is handled directly by Mandy and Karyn and forms part of the strategy process. Creating the strategy and thinking through the processes may take the form of a workshop or specific networking session with key personnel, and these are structured client specific according to a needs analysis.

The Master Plan

A structured document is created that prioritises your long and short term objectives in the form of a road map, with proposed concepts illustrated, commercial values highlighted, and sponsorship opportunities leveraged, ready for presentation.

The Strategy

The critical process of defining and planning to accomplish your set objectives and goals, financial and non-financial as well as short and long term


Mandy Scanlen - Responsible for commercial concept development and brand synergy

Mandy worked in Sport Licensing and sponsorship for 7 years. She was the licensing manager of Rugby World Cup 1995, Atlanta Olympic Games 1996, Cricket World Cup 1999 and South African Rugby Football Union.

Mandy was also involved in the conceptualisation and creation of the Super 12 and Tri Nations branding and licensing programmes. She worked closely with SANZAR and the various Rugby unions in developing the rights and licensing programme.

Mandy consulted on major Soccer brands including Crystal Palace and commuted to the United Kingdom from 1998 till 1999 as a consultant to the Sport Management Group International. In September 1999 she felt that it was time to offer the corporate world a solution orientated Event Company, which was Eclectic Facilitators, so she took a leap at that point, and started her own business.

Mandy has recently consulted to the Cape Town Stadium from November 2009 to assist in the procurement of commercial sponsors for the Cape Town Stadium Soccer Festival and Rugby Festival, and the development of the commercial strategy. With the understanding of the City of Cape Town, SAIL STADEFRANCE and the surrounding stakeholder’s interests in mind a strong, successful marketing strategy was designed.

Mandy continues to consult to various blue chip companies both locally and abroad in designing branding solutions that communicate on a multi-platform level.

Karyn Romero - Responsible for multi-platform marketing, creative and communication strategy.

A designer, creative director, branding consultant and a communications specialist. Karyn co- founded a respected design and advertising agency in Johannesburg South Africa, Frog Design in 1991. Under her leadership, the agency grew in prestige and profitability for over a decade, by developing an international client base and achieving a number of international gold design awards. Karyn has also developed and managed many prominent South African brands and has offered strategic communications solutions to a number of local government agencies and NGO’s.

Karyn’s work is informed by her interest in fine art and she is passionate about deepening an understanding of the visual language. Her vision is to use design to make a difference in the world by impacting the lives of others in profoundly positive ways.

Since moving to Cape Town in 2004, Karyn has conceptualised, branded and art directed one of South Africa’s top children’s TV shows currently entering its 9th season, breaking new ground by becoming the first TV show in SA to successfully implement and sustain a multi-platform strategy to build its audience. She worked on SABC 2's Hectic Nine-9 as conceptual developer, set designer as well as Art Director, for Okuhle Media. A highlight for her was winning an Ogilvy award at MIP in Cannes for a multi-platform strategy for ‘ideas that matter’ together with Okuhle Media, in 2009. Karyn strives to develop well thought out design solutions whose depth of concept supersedes any platform or medium.

Karyn continues to consult locally and abroad offering her clients a wide range of design and communications services.

PHASE 1 - The Commercial Audit

This is an in-depth analysis of all your current properties, your venue, team or product that will lead to a detailed understanding of your sponsorship goals, objectives and priorities. An audit of these areas will allow us to establish any and all leverage opportunities currently in place that can be included in an overall commercial strategy. By creating a master plan we will be able to reduce the visual clutter that accumulates after years of unplanned sponsorship implementation. The results will maximize revenue by guaranteeing sponsor visibility, exclusivity and interactivity, while improving the look of your venue, facility or brand. For property owners, operators or the marketing team facing critical sponsorship sales and renewal cycles, the sponsorship master plan is set to define and prioritise your goals and objectives, both financial and non-financial.

What does this mean to my organisation?

  • Objectives of all brands synchronised on a blueprint

  • Year planning structure and sponsorship objectives clearly defined

  • Creating a template for future sponsorships

  • Strategy to include creative competition mechanics to drive revenue

  • Specific revenue generation modules built into all event/campaigns/initiatives

  • Taking a holistic approach to print, event and promotional activities

  • Consolidate ROI - by training BDM’s in maximising leverage opportunities

  • Media partnerships and corporate sponsorships maximised

  • Modules designed to clearly define commercial roles


While your logo and design seek to communicate your brands personality, creating a user experience will embed your brand values via experiences which deliver on your brand message in an experiential format. Your products or services are exceptional values to a customer’s emotion and rational intellect.

Many factors contribute to building a brand, but when done right the brand extension opportunities within sponsorship and cross platform integration are endless. To fans, a team’s ‘brand’ represents a rich competitive heritage and a legacy of memories that creates loyalty. Your fans or customers that are loyal to your brand are seeking to engage with your brand in an experiential way, living the brand up-close. There are many interactive platforms available that are a great way to maintain connections while re-endorsing your brand. Identifying this connection and loyalty with your corporate partners creates a unique opportunity to link brands in the minds of consumers and deliver measurable results in return.

PHASE 2 - The Brand Audit

As part of the commercial audit process a brand audit will also take place. This is driven via a brand workshop. The brand workshop would be held as part of a process to ensure core brand values are aligned in identifying sponsor leverage brand opportunities. It is then translated into specific design concepts, which serve as an implementation road map for turning them into reality. Managing competing brand objectives is one of the constant challenges that properties face today in the sponsorship marketplace. Coupled with the fact that budgets are tighter and need to deliver a higher ROI than ever before. It is essential that we understand all rights and restrictions that may be in place with existing or potential sponsorships

What does this mean to my organisation?

  • Assessing brand fit, brand essence and longevity

  • Developing the organisations brand strategy

  • Developing brand architecture of corporate partnerships and media partnerships

  • Developing design concepts that adhere to brand positioning

  • Securing sponsorships with ‘Premium brands’

  • Defining brand objectives across the stable of brands and allocating ‘like’ brands

  • Creating a template with which brand managers can follow

PHASE 3 - Marketing and Communication strategy

A marketing and communication strategy will be written and developed that will facilitate a commercial/sponsorship and/or marketing solution and allow sponsors to be procured and investment to be derived from this structure. In order to achieve the maximum results, we integrate the goals and objectives of ownership, operations, marketing and sponsorship to develop strategies that enhance the stakeholder relationships. When adopting a 360 platform approach, utilising various media, design, signage, event enhancement, experiential activations, competition mechanics, and other marketing platforms, one is assured of a greater promotional opportunity and a greater success outcome

Sponsorship integration and outreach programmes - CSI

By integrating a strong social responsibility aspect to all our projects, we are guaranteeing a sustainable outcome that has a positive effect on surrounding communities, or organisations. Sponsors may also tap into CSI budgets thereby extending their brand leverage opportunities

Our planning process will result in the identification of specific components that will allow us to maximise activation and sponsorship opportunities

What does this mean to my organisation?

  • An integrated marketing communications plan to match your available budget, and timing

  • Advertising mediums: Online, Print, Radio, TV, Viral, Mobile; defined by target audience

  • Evaluate marketing collateral required to define your brand and provide the correct
    positioning and communication messages

  • Maximising ‘Relationship Marketing’ to cement bonds of loyalty.

Design and Concept

Conceptualising and cleverly designing properties is our game. Once we have analysed the commercial landscape and evaluated all brand positioning it’s time to rediscover the value your organisation has to offer. Whether you want to create value by hosting an event, launching a new product range or allowing us to tailor make something fresh and exciting, our creative team will put forward a fully designed master plan to include:


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Nuclei Pie

PHASE 4 - Production and Implementation

From relationship management, sponsorship acquisition, and media integration to production and/ or full installation or delivery. We ensure that all activations are carried out whether it be event based or long term sponsorship. These parameters include budgets, time frames, deliverables and sponsorship feedback reports

What does this mean to my organisation?

  • Cost effective solutions

  • Overall Project management for a one stop solution

  • Cost effective pricing on orders directed through one channel

Nuclei ensure that mechanics and tools are built into your campaign or commercial strategy to provide you with measureability. A full report is developed containing the results from each of these mechanisms to ensure that you are able to ascertain what did and didn’t work for your brand.

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